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A Child not only brings joy, a sense of maturity and responsibility to the parents but also the need for financial planning as they count on you for all their needs including financial ones. And there is no way you can ever let them down.

With education inflation, changing lifestyles, increasing expenses and inflation growing faster than your income; you might wonder how you'll manage their dreams. You should have an investment plan for your children’s education fund, which can help your children meet their career aspirations. You should also protect your life by taking adequate life cover so that even if something were to happen to you the child’s dreams are not compromised.

But it's not just your Child’s education and future that worries you; you need to cover your liabilities as well, plan for your own future and your dreams too.


Here's some food for thought

The earlier you start, the lesser you need to invest

With rising costs, the amount that you need to save today for your goal based corpus might increase substantially if you postpone saving to a later stage. Good financial planning will enable you to accumulate a corpus to meet all your family’s aspirations with sufficient investment.

Ensure that your dreams are met too

Children’s security and happiness are the most important priorities for parents, but your own aspirations and financial security is also important.

An uninterrupted future for your child

You should start saving for your children’s education fund early, so that you have sufficient funds to meet your children’s higher education aspirations. It is a challenge because you also need to meet your household expenses, home loan EMIs and other obligations. However, it is achievable if you commit early to save in an investment plan for your child.

Safeguard your family from uncertainties of life

Life insurance plans provide your family with a financial cushion in case of unfortunate events.With a joint life insurance policy, you can get life cover for both you and your spouse at a reasonable cost. While an untimely death is a grave financial risk for your family, critical illness which renders you unfit to work is also a significant risk.

Enjoy Tax benefits

You can enjoy tax benefits as per prevailing norms under the Income Tax Act, 1961


Save for your child future

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